Handmade Dirndl Skirt


I recently bought a copy of the wonderful Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing and haven’t been able to put it down! If you aren’t aware of Gertie and her work, you can find her and the glory that is vintage sewing here: http://www.blogforbettersewing.com

Anywho, in the book Gertie teaches us to draft a pattern for a dirndl skirt and to sew it up in a few easy steps.  I couldn’t wait to try this out, and yesterday that’s just what I did!

This skirt was really easy to draft because it’s simply a large rectangle that is gathered at the waistline. Add a simple waistband, a side zipper, a bit of hemming and you’ve got yourself a skirt! Don’t you just love projects that come together quickly?

I used a cute red & white gingham cotton for my skirt which I recently bought at a thrift store for a steal! This skirt cost me almost nothing to make..can’t beat that!

Here it is folks, my finished skirt! Im really happy with the way it turned out and with how quick the whole process was. I will definitely be using this technique again. Thanks Gertie!

Until next time,

xoxo, tina

vintage lovin’ gal

10 thoughts on “Handmade Dirndl Skirt

  1. What a wonderful, gorgeous skirt! I have seen others mention this book, but thought it was probably all super-advanced sewing stuff, but this looks easy enough! Are there many other relatively simple patterns in there?

    • Hi there! Thank you so much!! The great thing about this book is that the first half is all techniques & tips to help you learn more about sewing. The second half is patterns & instructions for sewing the garments Gertie designed. I think its a great book for all levels of sewists because it teaches basics as well as some more advanced techniques. This skirt is a great thing to try if you aren’t very experienced with sewing! Its easy and you’ll be really proud of how quickly you can finish it!

      • Oh I’m definitely no pro, but it is a joy to do. The biggest challenge (for me anyway) is keeping it up and trying to share new and original ideas. It’s one of the best ways to express and share your passion with others (not to mention the friendships you’ll make, it’s kinda crazy really) so I hope you keep it up! My blog is wordpress based too, so let me know if you ever have any questions. 😉

  2. Ohh, I’ve been curious about the book and this totally makes me want to purchase it. Maybe I’ll have to put it on my Christmas wish list 🙂


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