the art of Charles Dana Gibson


I’m sure many of you have seen the iconic “Gibson Girl” illustrations, which are the work of Mr. Charles Dana Gibson in the late 1800’s & into the 1900’s. Gibson drew pen and ink illustrations of  people in a manner that became synonymous with beauty and style in the victorian era. The hairstyle and overall style of the Gibson Girl  became very popular among women after Gibson’s work was published in Life magazine in the late 1800’s. I can see why, these women are truly stunning.

I was lucky enough to receive a book containing a great number of Gibson’s works and I’d like to share with you the beautiful drawings within.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as I do.



vintage lovin’ gal

4 thoughts on “the art of Charles Dana Gibson

  1. What an immensely beautiful tome of artwork. How wonderful that you own and get to enjoy this splendid book any time you like. I think I may very need to add a copy to my vintage book wish list.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I have LOVED Gibson since I can remember. My parents were (and still partially are) heavily into Victorian when I was a child. All of our furniture was turn of the century (today only my mother’s bedroom, dining and part of the living room are Victorian, and only the living room and guest room at my dad’s) and we have both volumes of the series. I have spent many hours copying his work. My sketchbooks are FULL of Gibson images. Also, these volumes are rare, I’ve only seen a handful…maybe five or so that I can recall in addition to the family set. And I think the last ones I saw were $200 for the pair. What a treasure! And thank you for sharing!!


    • Thank you, Janey, for sharing those wonderful stories! I love this book and am so happy that it was given to me by a great friend (he has the other volume too). Gibson’s ladies are some of the most beautiful I can imagine, they are so simple yet gorgeous. Thank you for the information about the value also, I know that I’ll never sell it but it’s nice to know!


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