Stormy Weather


This morning was a rainy one here in Berkeley, Ca. It seemed like the perfect occasion to pull out some cozy cold weather  vintage!

(These photos were taken inside of the hand painted sign shop that I run with my boyfriend, more on that later!)

sweater: vintage, hand knit

cat pin: grandma’s jewelry box

brown plaid bias skirt: thrifted in Florida

mocassins: minnetonka, bought on a road trip in New Mexico

hair scarf: grandma’s

brown leather belt: thrifted in Reno, NV

Stay warm & dry out there friends!



vintage lovin’ gal

5 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. There’s such a tranquil, beautiful – almost poetic – atmosphere to these lovely fall shots. The photography on your blog is sublime, much like your outfits themselves. I especially love your wee little green-eyed kitty brooch. Being a green-eyed gal myself, I find I’m often drawn to animal jewelry with verdant peppers.

    Thank you very much for all of your wonderful blog comments this week, dear gal. I sincerely appreciate them and hope that you’re having a beautiful, cozy weekend (we’ve been getting pelted with rain here, too, and hanging inside as a result).

    ♥ Jessica

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