The Beautiful landscape of Reno, Nevada


Hello friends!

Derek and I went to Reno, Nevada over the thanksgiving weekend to visit family and eat lots of delicious food! While we were there, we snuck off to an uninhabited area of natural Nevada landscape and shot some photos. Reno is in the high desert, at the foot of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains.

We also drove around in our friend Aaron’s 1946 Chevy and took photos of some of the great old Lincoln Highway Motel signs. There are far more than these, next time I’m in town I want to do a proper photo shoot of all of them!

In this last photo you can catch a glimpse of the old Reno sign that was erected in 1954! The city has a newer, flashier sign that is one block over from this one. The new one has fancy lights and is quite pretty, but nothing beats the simplicity of this one!

What a lovely weekend it was!



vintage lovin’ gal

8 thoughts on “The Beautiful landscape of Reno, Nevada

  1. Gorgeous photos! The landscape is breathtaking and one I hope to travel and see one day. πŸ™‚

    And I agree with Nora. You’re skirt is wonderful. Love it!

  2. Just stunning!! What a fantastic life you lead, driving around in such gorgeous scenery in gorgeous clothes (props on making the skirt yourself) in a gorgeous car with two gorgeous men! It’s just like a film…

    Ruby xx

    • Oh Ruby, you’re adorable! Thank you for saying that! It doesn’t seem so glamorous when it’s your own life, but it’s nice to know that it seems that way! I think your life looks like a wonderful silent film and you are the gorgeous and sultry leading lady, so I guess we’re even! xoxoxo

    • Hi Jessica,

      I use a camera that was given to me by my mom when she got a newer version. Its a Cannon Rebel XTi. I just looked that up..haha…I’m not very up on technology & cameras!

      Glad you like the photos! πŸ™‚


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