Antique Mexican dolls


Hi again!

I just have to share these adorable hand painted dolls that I bought at an antique store in Reno, NV! I have to admit that the boy really sold me, he is just so cute!

I just can’t get over his mustache!! I think they’re totally cute and make a nice addition to our crazy decor!



vintage lovin’ gal

6 thoughts on “Antique Mexican dolls

    • Hi Viola, thanks so much for asking me! However, I was just asked a few days ago by someone else to participate! Its so sweet of you to think of me, glad you like the blog. Yours is wonderful too, its so nice that you girls all share it! xoxo

  1. I found two little Mexican dolls in my mother’s back room. The man looks very much like the little mustache man. The female is not so much like the ones I see here. AM very interested in the history of these dolls. They are about 6 inches tall. I plan on taking a picture of them this afternoon for comparison to the ones I see here. Is there a website you might recommend that would help me determine how old they might be?
    Thanks Naomi

    • Hi Naomi,
      Unfortunately I don’t know much about these little guys, other than they’re adorable! I wish I had some advice for dating them, but I haven’t attempted to look mine up yet and don’t really know where to start. Good Luck!! Let me know if you find anything….

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