Handmade travel bag


Hello all,

I just finished up this project that I want to share. My boyfriend is a drummer in a few bands, western swing & late 40’s blues/rock & roll, and he asked if I would make him a travel case for his cymbals. I decided to make a bag of felt, lined with a heavy-weight canvas. He requested that it have his monogram like the classic drum heads did back in the good old days and I happily obliged.

Here is the inspiration for the monogramed shield appliqué: the one and only Gene Krupa’s drum head.


Here it is, the finished product:


 I’m pleased with how it turned out and my honey is happy too!

All is well in sewing land!



vintage lovin’ gal

6 thoughts on “Handmade travel bag

  1. What a great idea and realization! Brilliant! It is so neat and so well done. Your boyfriend should be happy! (Afraid to show this to my boyfriend if case he can ask me to do similar bag for his double bass :D)

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