Gloomy Weather Style



Today is another gloomy day in the East Bay of California, which calls for a sweaters & tights! Since it’s rarely cold here, there is still some allure for me in wearing tights and bundling up.


My silk shirtwaist dress is from Betsey Johnson , who I worked for in NYC for a few years.

{Wow, I could have ironed my dress. That’s pretty telling of my personality…I love dressing up & looking put together, however I’ll go out with a wrinkled dress on. Silly, I know.}

Sweater is a vintage cashmere, beaded gem given to me by my sweet pal Brittany.

Tights are also Betsey Johnson.

1940’s oxfords are from a seller on Etsy a few years back.



I decided to get fancy with my hair today, just for fun!


Hope you’re all staying warm!



vintage lovin’ gal

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