A peek into a traditional Sign Painter’s shop.


Hello friends,

I have the pleasure to live with and experience an age-old trade on a daily basis.

That trade is Sign Painting.

Before the time of computers, all signs were created by hand, by a sign painter.

My boyfriend, Derek, is a talented sign painter that runs his own business called Golden West Sign Arts. I assist in the shop & help with anything and everything.

Isn't he handsome?

Isn’t he handsome?

Everything in our shop is done the old fashioned way, without the use of computers (aside from email). All signs are painted by hand, from drawn patterns. Derek is also a specialist in the art of gilding with genuine gold leaf.

Our shop is an interesting place that I thought some of you may like to see. Here are tons of photos…

that's 23 karat gold!

that’s 23 karat gold!

IMG_2611Golden West Sign ArtsIMG_2632IMG_2612

Bob & Derek: best pals.

Bob & Derek: best pals.

such a handsome pair.

such a handsome pair.

Now, let’s have a peek at the inside of the shop!


Dandy? Its sure is..works like a charm.

Dandy? It sure is! Works like a charm.


the shop counter houses our collection of crazy knick-knacks

the shop counter houses our collection of crazy knick-knacks

vintage matchbooks

vintage matchbooks




Here are a few more shots of the dashing Sign Painter for your viewing pleasure.

derek mcdonaldIMG_2719

Check out our website to see examples of the sign work we’ve done!

Here is a wonderful video shot for Jack Daniel’s Whiskey of Derek painting for their ad campaign this summer. It turned out great!

thank you!



Vintage Lovin’ Gal

4 thoughts on “A peek into a traditional Sign Painter’s shop.

  1. I love that people still do this. I can always tell a hand painted sign and I simply adore it. There is so much charm and style! I greatly admire such artists. Thanks for the peek in!


  2. It’s always exciting to see people doing what they love for a career– thank you for sharing all these photos of the shop (and your handsome fellow). The photo of Derek and your kitty are too adorable! I’m off to check out your website now, wish we had a similar shop in Chicago!

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