Style Inspiration: Beatrix Ost

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The website Advanced Style is so inspiring and captivating. I adore all of the “Advanced Style ladies”, but when I saw Beatrix Ost, I was awestruck.

Something about her strikes me. She is so classically elegant yet avant garde. Plus, her turbans are to die for. Take a look for yourself.

(all photos belong to Ari Seth Cohen and Advanced Style)

Beatrix OstBeatrix OstBeatrix OstBeatrix OstBeatrix OstBeatrix Ost

Watch Beatrix speaking about positive thinking here! It’s wonderful.

Do yourself a favor & take a look at the Advanced Style site, if you haven’t already. I can’t wait to get my hands on Ari Seth Cohen’s book about these gorgeous gals.

Ooohh…one last thing! Check out the trailer for the Advanced Style Documentary here!



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