A nite of feathers, art deco and film noir: Maltese Falcon at the Paramount


This past Friday I attended Classic Movie Nite at the GORGEOUS Paramount Theater in Oakland. The movie of the month was the fabulous film noir The Maltese Falcon.

I was joined by the wonderful and glamorous Mary Van Note and our gents (you can spot a quick glimpse of Derek below, but Mary’s fella Ben stayed behind the lens).

Paramount Theater

We gussied up in gorgeous feathers, provided by Mary (you can buy the one I’m wearing in her etsy shop!) and our forties best. It was great fun and the movie was wonderful! Humphrey Bogart can do no wrong in my eyes…plus he’s a total dreamboat.

Enough blabbing…..feast your eyes on the jaw-dropping beauty of this theater!!

Paramount stageParamount waiting roomParamount- Tina DerekParamount golden ladiesParamount- TinaParamount- MaryParamount entry Paramount- Tina close upParamount- Mary close upParamount- Tina's hairParamount mirror shotParamount couch

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Paramount Theater in Oakland, don’t pass it up! It is truly breathtaking. They offer tours as well as events such as the classic movie night.

What a wonderful night!!

Thanks to the lovely Mary Van Note for these photos and her boyfriend Ben for graciously photographing us in a crowded theater!



Vintage Lovin’ Gal

16 thoughts on “A nite of feathers, art deco and film noir: Maltese Falcon at the Paramount

  1. You two looked great! I’m glad to see you already getting some use out of that purse. 🙂 I wish I would have remembered to go this month, I’m dying to see that place. Hopefully soon!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous venue – and what a great movie too! I saw that the Deco Ball was held in the same venue on Saturday night – now I really want to attend an event here as it looks like the perfect venue to get dolled up for!

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! All of it! Everything! You ladies are beautiful! I remember driving/riding by the Paramount as a very young girl and thinking it was awesome then!!!

  4. Your eyebrows are absolutely impeccable! Would it be possible to share what routine/products you use for them? The shape and thickness are so perfect and unique. Thank you!

    • Thanks Ashley! Geez..I just make up the eyebrows, really! I use a cheap drugstore eyebrow pencil (maybelline, maybe?) and try to make a shape that looks nice. I usually follow my natural eyebrow line on the top & round out the part nearest to my nose in a teardrop type shape and continue it on (while narrowing the line) to the tip . Hope that helps!!


  5. You ladies look fabulous! Your victory rolls are perfect. I used to live in the East Bay but sadly never went to the Paramount Theatre. will have to visit soon.

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