My visit to a real ghost town!


Bodie, California is a truly amazing place.


In the 1880’s this town was booming! Once gold was discovered in 1859 by Waterman S. Body, word spread and people came to settle and strike it rich. By 1879 the population had climbed from about 20 to 10,000!






The Standard Mine yielded nearly $15 million over 25 years. However, once the mine closed in 1941, residents ย moved on to greener pastures.

For unexplained reasons, most of the buildings remain completely furnished with the belongings of their previous residents. It is as if everyone just walked away. It is haunting, but also quite beautiful.

inside of the general store, still stocked with goods!

a peek inside of the general store, still stocked with goods!



the pool hall

the pool hall

Herby had a good time too!

Herby had a good time too! (although she has the classic Boxer “sad face”)

Bodie is now a California State Historic Park and remains untouched. Nothing may be touched or removed from the park. Even the smallest pieces of old glass and rusted tin cans remain in the dirt from generations past. All of the photos I took of interiors were taken through old window panes, as entrance to the buildings is prohibited.









an amazing discovery inside of the old bank building!






the lay of the land

‘ the lay of the land



I highly suggest a visit to Bodie. It was such a great adventure! The natural landscape is truly breathtaking and the town itself is amazing.

I really loved the casual nature of the park as well. Once you pay to enter ($7) you’re basically on your own. There are no guides or paths. You are free to wander and explore as you wish.

Hope you all are out there enjoying the summer and having adventures of your own!



Vintage Lovin’ Gal


13 thoughts on “My visit to a real ghost town!

  1. You took really good photos of this special place. Haven’t been there in years. Good mems though. I love your darling outfit too.

  2. Wow this place is unreal! I’ve always wanted to visit a place like this and I’ll make sure I do when I next go to America.

    Love your cute tie top paired with your jeans as well!

  3. It’s so hard to believe places like this exist. It just seems so unreal, like it’s and area of a ride at a theme park where you stand in line. This is a very cool post! I’d love to visit a ghost town. My uncle lives in AZ, maybe I should plan a visit!

    Life of Mabel

  4. That is so cool!! I love exploring things like this and it’s amazing that they’ve opened it up to the public to encourage the adventure. If I’m ever in California, I am definitely going to check out Bodie ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful photos!

  5. I sooo love your adventures! It really makes me miss California and Nevada. It’s been YEARS since we’ve been to Bodie and it’s still in the same state of arrested decay! The park department is doing a great job keeping Bodie ‘arrested’.

    I sure would like to get my hands on the old Singer fiddle base sewing machine! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Tina,
    Your pictures are precious! I’ve always had a dream about going to a Ghost Town. This town is perfect – completely furnished houses look like they are ready to recieve newcomers.

    Have a great day.

  7. How incredibly amazing! I can not help but being a tad jealous hihi… living in a small country like The Netherlands can be boring when it comes to deserted areas; to small a country with to many people living in it, nothing ever really gets abandoned ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  9. Love the photos. I went there a couple of summers back and it is such a surreal experience! The dust layer on everything makes it really hard hitting, you realise how people just rushed and left!

  10. Beautiful photos of Bodie…May I use some of the, photos and give credit to you. A group of senior citizens are trying to do a old fashion play and would like to use your photos for their back ground in the play…it is a free play, all volunteers for the enjoyment of our retired community..regards Joe Osuna…

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