Ruth Bancroft Garden: a paradise for cacti & succulent lovers!


Hi there folks…..

Are there still any of you out there?! It’s been a year and a half since I posted here…sheesh!

This past Tuesday, Derek & I visited the beautiful Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, Ca. As huge lovers of desert plants, we were thrilled to find this garden right here in Northern California..where you’d least expect a succulent & cacti paradise!

Ruth Bancroft 1

Mrs. Ruth Bancroft begun planting this expansive garden in 1972, when she was in her sixties, on her husband’s family farm. The land was previously a 400 acre walnut orchard and pear farm dating back to the 1880’s. By the time Ruth moved to the farm, after marrying Mr. Bancroft, it was the late 1930s and the farm was still thriving. She gardened as a hobby and became interested in succulents in the 1950s.

RUth Bancroft 2

ruth bancroft

lovely photo of Ruth Bancroft in her element, from the Garden’s website

In the early 1970’s the last walnut orchard was cut down and the land had been sold to developers who where building the town of Walnut Creek. However, Mrs. Bancroft was given 3.5 acres for a new garden. She turned her large collection of potted succulents and other plants into a permanent garden. It has been open to the public since 1992 & I am thrilled that it is!

ruth bancroft 3

Tina in the Ruth Bancroft garden

Ruth’s collection has matured into such a gorgeous and awe-inspiring garden!

Ruth Bancroft- Herby and Derek

Ruth Bancroft 4

Ruth Bancroft garden

Ruth Bancroft Garden

Herby and Derek rest in the Ruth Bancroft Garden

Derek & Herby took a seat to take in the view! I really love that they have benches and tables set up throughout the garden, it’s so welcoming. They even encourage you to bring a lunch and your canine pals!

Ruth Bancroft garden

Ruth Bancroft Garden

Ruth Bancroft 5

ruth bancroft garden

Derek & Herby at Ruth Bancroft Garden

Tina as Cacti Bikini Gal

HOW COULD I RESIST THIS?!? I couldn’t wait to become the vintage cacti bikini babe! Such a cute idea!

Overall, I couldn’t recommend The Ruth Bancroft Garden more, it’s such a charming place. Check out their website for more details and history!



Vintage Lovin’ Gal




7 thoughts on “Ruth Bancroft Garden: a paradise for cacti & succulent lovers!

  1. I’m dying! This place is too gorgeous! I want to live there! It’s always been a goal of mine that once we have our own house to have a backyard like this.


  2. I have been a docent at the Garden since 2004, and I must say your blog post is a perfect introduction. Thank you for sharing!

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