Western dirndl & red tooled leather!


Hello again friends,

I’ve got an outfit post for you today, featuring a few things made by me and some other great vintage goodies.


This is the third dirndl skirt that I’ve made using the instructions in Gertie’s book & I’m sure I’ll make more! They are so easy to make and comfortable to wear. I highly recommend giving it a try, if you haven’t already.

western skirt

I found this great western print cotton at my local fabric store and knew it had to be mine! I think it works perfect for this style of skirt.

IMG_3708  western skirt

The blouse is an old standard of mine that I found in a little antique shop in Florida. I just love these cotton button-up blouses, I wear them with everything!

IMG_3721 IMG_3715 western skirt

The shoes (oh, the shoes!!) are red tooled leather wedges that I picked up on my last visit to Los Angeles and I ADORE them! I’ve dreamt of these very wedges for years now, so I am really loving them.


The finishing touches to this outfit are:

tooled leather belt (thrifted in Nevada)

1930’s (?) burgundy sunglasses (thrifted)

hair scarf (my grandma’s)

wooden earrings with carved horses (vintage)

cactus felt pin (made by me)

burgundy tooled leather handbag (vintage shop in Arizona)


vintage basket purse (birthday gift from Mom)

IMG_3730 IMG_3736 IMG_3709 IMG_3739 IMG_3700 IMG_3724IMG_3729

It was a challenge keeping Herby (my adorable boxer) out of these photos, so I had to let her get in on a few at the end!

IMG_3741 IMG_3740



Vintage Lovin’ Gal


I’ve been a busy bee!

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Hi friends,

It’s been quiet on the blog lately because I’ve been working on a big sewing project!

I’ll share as soon as I get it all together!

this is a glamorous re-creation of what I've been up to.

this is a glamorous re-creation of what I’ve been up to….minus the beautiful friends and amazing sewing machine.

this is totally my sewing room. okay, it's not.

Me & the gals, at it again!

here I am, hard at work! ...that's totally me....I swear.

Here I am, hard at work! …that’s totally me….I swear.

Ohhh...who wants to start a Sewing Club?? We'll all have cool hair and sew pretty things!

Ohhh…who wants to start a Sewing Club??  We’ll all have cool thirties hair and sew pretty things in fancy prints!



Vintage Lovin’ Gal

Handmade gingham blouse with western appliqué


Hello again!

I just finished sewing up a fun little project that I want to share!

I used Simplicity 1093 to make a simple cotton blouse. I chose “style 3” because I wanted the most basic shape as I planned on adding an appliqué.

simplicity 1093 simplicity 1093 style 3

The blouse was a fairly quick project to sew up, mostly because there were only five pieces to work with! The front and back bodice pieces are both cut on fold and the sleeves are part of the bodice, so there are only the two big pieces to worry about. The remaining three are a neck facing and two sleeve facings.

The blouse opens by a tiny side zipper that runs from about the bust down to the hem. I inserted the zipper by hand with a pick stitch, which is a technique I’d been itching to try for a while. There are also two buttons at the neckline which aid in slipping the blouse over your head.

hand sewn zippergingham buttons (close-up)

As you can see, I liked the hand picked look so much that I did all of the topstitching by hand as well!

gingham 3

I paired my new blouse with a red button-front skirt and tooled leather belt.

gingham 1

My trusty moccasins and another lovely tooled leather purse round out the outfit.

tooled leather purse (back) tooled leather pursetooled leather rosegingham 2 gingham 5

Now for the appliqué…my favorite part!!

gingham 4

I cut this little design out of felt and attached it to the blouse with a blanket stitch. Next, I embroidered the details (horse’s bridle, mane, etc.) with a variety of  embroidery stitches.

horse appliquéhorse appliqué (close-up)

I’m really happy with this project, it was such a fun one!

Now I leave you with an “out take” in which my dog Herby decided to make an appearance….

that's my "excuse me....tryin' to take photos here" face.

that’s my “excuse me….tryin’ to take photos here” face.

What have you been sewing lately? I’d love to hear about your projects!



Vintage Lovin’ Gal

Handmade travel bag


Hello all,

I just finished up this project that I want to share. My boyfriend is a drummer in a few bands, western swing & late 40’s blues/rock & roll, and he asked if I would make him a travel case for his cymbals. I decided to make a bag of felt, lined with a heavy-weight canvas. He requested that it have his monogram like the classic drum heads did back in the good old days and I happily obliged.

Here is the inspiration for the monogramed shield appliqué: the one and only Gene Krupa’s drum head.


Here it is, the finished product:


 I’m pleased with how it turned out and my honey is happy too!

All is well in sewing land!



vintage lovin’ gal

Vintage sewing box & notions

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While browsing through a lovely vintage store in Oakland a few days ago, I spotted this adorable sewing box filled with notions of all sorts! I have been looking for a sewing box like this for quite a while and was excited to finally find one.

One of my favorite items is an old cloth measuring tape. The numbers are so beautiful!